Warsaw Church of God Welcomes You!

Front of church building

Welcome to Warsawchurchofgod.com!

Thanks for checking out WarsawChurchOfGod.com!

I’ve checked out a lot of church websites over the years. Many “over sell,” presenting a picture that no church could live up to. Most are at least a little out of date. Some even hurt the church’s image. 

We want you to be able to get some basic information and to be able to be informed about what is happening @ WarsawChurchOfGod.com.

At WCOG we are about people. People and their relationship with God, each other, and the rest of the world are our focus.

We believe that everyone can live a satisfying, joy-filled, and peaceful life by being a “Jesus shaped” disciple.

Warsaw Church of God exists to help people know God, follow Jesus, and serve others together.

Look around; get some information, be our guest this Sunday to get a feel for who we are and if we connect with you.


Tim, Lead Pastor